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My name is Yotam Gaton and I'm a Baroque violinist. I fell in love in the Baroque music When I first heard a recording of instrumental music from the 17th century Italy and central Europe. The music of These Times and places Seemed to me so different. So fantastic and bright; Highly virtuosic and at the same time pure and impersonal.
Being a 'Classical' violin at the time, I could not stop listening to That recording, and soon enough I changed the whole track of my musical life and Became a musician or historical Informed performance practice.
Since 2011, as a baroque violinist, I kept on researching and discovering this wonderful world That had hidden marvels and beauties - not only in its musical creation - but Further more in its cultural richness and endless wealth. It was the time of the first violin sonatas and one can feel this sense of purity, or an untouched beginning, coming out of the music.  

When to my great joy I was invited to choose an instrument out of the NMF collection I was hoping to find a violin That could help me connect to Such old and solves times, getting as close as possible to That world of our musical ancestors whenthey Their first steps walked, Introducing violin music to the world.
I was led into the special room where the instruments are kept, where seven violins were put on a table, waiting for me to try them all. All were very beautiful and very special. Each had its own character. I tried all of them, except for one: A violin tat was on the side and had a broken string (a Thing That Happens or at with gut strings). Something about its appearance made ??me almost ignore it. When I finally overtook and tried That one too, almost sure of my choice or another violin, I was surprised to find something different. Its sound was not an immediate boom. It would not support many bow movements I tried, being at times almost 'closed'. That I could tell it needed a different attention; That I might need to work more to get it to sound.
I started playing a violin sonata in G by Cima - the first violin sonata volgens some sources. As I was discovering this new violin I felt I could rediscover That sonata. Its sound - soft and round, never shouting but with a bright 'baroque' character - enchanted me. When I played a sonata by Biber, the fast notes Sounded so bright, and the lament passages Sounded as if theywere written for this violin. When I played the g minor adagio by Bach, the violin's deep mourn sound on the g string, and its outcry on the E string, made ??it obvious thatthis will be my choice - a violin on-which I could produce an individual and unique sound .
It was only When I left the room and came to talk with Geertje van der Linden (who Accompanied me through the process) That everything Became clear: This violin was made ??by Mathias Alban in 1674, Tirol. The time and region of Biber, Schmelzer, Muffat .. Austria in the Holly Roman Empire of the 17th century ...     
Ever since, after performing concerts of 17th century music, or at people come to thank me for Introducing them a 'new' music, THEY never thought can be so beautiful and unique.
Playing in churches and concert halls, I feel I can fly with the 'Alban' to far-away places.