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Sinan Ercan

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Wie ben ik?

Unlike the conventional route of professional musicians, Sinan has started playing the cello as a hobby, when he was almost 20 years old. Being fascinated with music, he decided to become a professional musician, and study conservatory, after completing his degree at the university on Electronics Engineering with an ‘Honor’ degree. He immediately moved to the Netherlands, to start conservatory studies in Groningen.

He studied his bachelor with Jan-Ype Nota and Michel Strauss in Prince-Claus Conservatorium. Following his graduation, he completed his master of music study in ArtEZ Conservatory with Jeroen Reuling in Zwolle, and with Peter Bruns in Berlin. He received his master diploma in July 2012.

During his study years, he had masterclasses with many well-known teachers including: Gary Hoffman, Richard Aaron, Marcio Carneiro, Peter Bruns, Gavriel Lipkind, Godfried Hoogeveen and others; during the summer academies of “Peter the Grote” in 2005-2009, Max-Reger Tage in Weiden in 2010, and many other institution based masterclasses during these years. 

He is currently working as a free-lance musician, with various orchestras and chamber music ensembles, throughout Holland. Apart from his biggest passion of orchestral playing, he has also performed solo with orchestras, at which he is glad to have the chance to play on the Siega cello and Voirin cello-bow, which is kindly lent to him by Nationaal Muziekinstrumenten Fonds.