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Remi J. Edson is artistic name of Lithuanian born jazz flutist and composer Remigijus Kazukauskas. Currently living and working as a freelance musician in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Being associated with music through all his life, Remi grew up with comprehensive talent of possibilities in artistry. Got professional music education at Stasys Simkus Conservatory (Klaipeda, Lithuania), Academy of Music and Theatre (Vilnius, Lithuania), and finished his Bachelor and Masters degree at Utrecht Conservatory, The Netherlands. In 2013 I was selected by The National Flute Association to be one of three winners to play for the Jazz Master Class of Orlando Valle's (flute) in New Orleans, JAV. Also at the same year he was chosen with his own Jazz Quintet to represent Utrecht Conservatory in “Conservatorium Talent Award” competition at the Jazz in Duketown festival. Few years ago he was selected to perform in NJO Jong Metropole Orchestra project for the Summer Festival 2017. At the moment Remi is working with fusion band "Tyranni Flock", Kika Spranger Large Ensemble, latin jazz ensembe "Cafe Molido" and developing his own chamber jazz project "Edson Ensemble". 

"Since the beginning of 2019, with support of NMF, I am able to rent Eva Kingma's alto flute, with which I have more posibilities in color, gives me much more diversity for my performances and helps me to fill all my needs in variet ensemble I play with. I am more then happy to have this wonderful instrument as my companion in my professional life as a musician". 

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25th May - Vreeland huiskamerfestival - Marit van der Lei TRIO

1st June - Cellofestival Dordrecht - Fluitoctet BlowUp!

6th June - BIRD (Rotterdam) - Tyranni Flock

7th June - Red Light Jazz Festival - Tyranni Flock

1st September - Jazz in het Dorp Festival - Tyranni Flock