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When I first saw the description of the Johannes Guillamí violin from the NMf that I am playing at the moment, I was inmediately curious to try it - Spanish violins from the 18th century are rare instruments, and Guillamí was one of the best makers in the country. Furthermore, the violin is in an incredible shape: it has not been played much during the last centuries, and looks like new! It sound is clear and bright, beautiful and pure - it is indeed a very special instrument. Also the baroque bow made by Kees van Hemmert is of the highest quality, and permits me to fully express myself during performances.

Having this instrument is helping me very much to develop my career. I have studied during the last 5 years at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in Den Haag, both modern and baroque violin, with Kati Debtrezeni, Walter Reiter and Theodora Geraets. During the last years I have had the pleasure to join the Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century and the New Dutch Academy (as second violins principal), participating in international tours and recording two CDs for the Dutch label Pentatone, among other ensembles. At the moment I am also active in Swizterland, Germany and Italy (as second violins leader of the Theresia Baroque Orchestra). With my group Alma Barroca, based in The Hague, we perform regularily in festivals in the Netherlands and Spain, among others at the Utrecht Early Music Festival (Fringe) and the Embassy Festival in The Hague. At the moment I am also playing with the period ARS string quartet; and this violin fits like a glove! 

I feel deeply grateful to the NMF; the labour that they are doing is absolutely amazing. Having an instrument and a bow of this great quality has definitely changed my life. I hope that they can go on with their fantastic work for many years, making musicians and audiences this happy! 

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