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Wie ben ik?

I am a violinist with an active and diverse performing career who works with many prestigious and accomplished period-instrument ensembles throughout Europe. Touring with such ensembles has brought me all over the world; from Europe to the U.S.A. and throughout Asia.  Please see my website for my full biography and calendar. 

I have played on a 'Rombouts' violin c. 1710 on loan by the Nationaal Muziekinstrumenten Fonds (NMF) since 2013 and before then I played on a 'Jacobs' violin c. 1700, also on loan by the NMF.

Each time I play the 'Rombouts' violin I am transported to the 18th Century; able to imagine what it would have been like to play music of this era on a violin from the same period. The 'Rombouts' violin has many more colors than modern instruments that I've played, it has wonderful differences in its high and low ranges, ideal for music of the Baroque era.  It has meant so much to me to be able to play music on an instrument (in excellent condition) for which it was intended.  It continues to be a real joy to experience and to play on such a high quality and responsive instrument.

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