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Kardelen Buruk

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Wie ben ik?

  I am Kardelen Buruk from Turkey. My Holland dream has started three years ago when I came here to audition to study at Royal Conservatoire of the Hague with Asdis Valdimorsdottir. When I moved here, I was 18 and started my Bachelor degree in Viola. Three years after that, here I am finishing my degree without any delays. Being in Holland opened many doors for me. I gave many concerts with my ensembles and as a soloist.

  Last project I did as a soloist was playing the 'Andante en Rondo Ungarese' by Weber with Babylon Quartet which I did the quartet and solo viola arrangement for. In 2016, I played with NSO as an assistant principal and gave 12 concerts in the greatest halls of the Netherlands ( Concertgebouw, Tivoli, De Doelen, etc..).

  I feel so lucky to finish my degree with an instrument that NMF provided for me. I have to say that NMF made everything possible in that sense and I could not be more appreciative. It is a great instrument with a large range of sound and different colours. It is made by Andrew Finnigan in 2008. It is such a privilege to have an instrument like this especially for musicians who do not have the financial situation to buy an expensive instrument. A good instrument does make a big difference. I already feel the improvement in my playing and cannot wait for the future projects will happen with this instrument. I cannot thank enough to NMF for that.

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