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Wie ben ik?

My name is Evan Buttar, and I was born in Vancouver, Canada. I began taking music lessons at 4 years old, starting with a cello made from a shoe box and a metre stick to learn how to bow and sing, and getting a real one when I was 5. It wasn't an immediate passion for me - my parents encouraged me to keep playing and practiced with me, but it was only around the age of 13 that I really started to fall for the instrument. I started to play pieces that famous cellists performed, got into a good youth orchestra, and started discovering classical music from a fresh perspective.

By the end of high school, I was completely committed to the instrument and classical music. When I was 17, a friend let me borrow a CD of Jordi Savall playing solo viola da gamba, and amidst my musical discoveries, that one stuck with me. As I began my Bachelor studies at the University of Ottawa with Paul Marleyn in 2010, I searched for a viola da gamba and teacher, and to my luck, found one! A year later I attended the Tafelmusik Baroque Summer Institute, and I was hooked. Baroque cello started taking over my time and repertoire, and by my third year of my Bachelor, I was set on pursuing historically informed performance practice.

After a long summer attending many early music festivals in North America in 2013, I met Jaap ter Linden in Vancouver, and knew he was the teacher for me. I moved to The Hague in 2014 to pursue a Masters in Baroque Cello at the Koninklijk Conservatorium with him, and completed that degree in June 2016. For those two years I was generously loaned an instrument from a former teacher in Canada, but I had to return it after my degree was finished, so I turned to the NMF. They were open and kind to me, and after an interview, I was given an instrument to loan. I tried out three different cellos, and as soon as I played this one, I knew it was the one. I found it challenging to play at first, but the colours of sound, projection, and general tonal possibilities were inspiring to me. The high register sings and soars, and the low register is clear and deep. I quickly fell in love with it, and am continuously learning so much from it. I can sense and hear the history in it, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to play it for the coming years.

I am currently pursuing a Masters in Viola da Gamba in The Hague with Mieneke van der Velden and Philippe Pierlot, but the cello remains a very large part of my life and always will.

Mijn concerten

Upcoming concerts:

14/10: Collegium Vocale Zaandam; Bullekerk, Zaandam; 17:00

28/10: Musica Gloria; Kortrijk, Belgium; 17:00

29/10: Musica Gloria; Bekegem, Belgium; 18:00

05/11: Kamerkoor Ad Parnassum - Requiem; Koningshoeven Abbey, Berkel-Enschot; 15:00 [viola da gamba]

17/11: Clockbeats Baroque Ensemble; Conservatorio di Musica Luca Marenzio, Brescia; 20:45

18/11: Clockbeats Baroque Ensemble; Teatr Stanis?awowski, ?azienki Królewskie, Warsaw; 19:00

19/11: Clockbeats Baroque Ensemble; Sukiennice Museum, Kraków; 19:30

08/12: Dutch Baroque Orchestra - Christmas Oratorio; Oude Kerk, Barneveld; 19:30

09/12: Dutch Baroque Orchestra - Christmas Oratorio; Oude Kerk, Zwijndrecht; 19:30

15/12: Ribattuta Musica - Messiah; Schoonhoven; 19:30

16/12: Ribattuta Musica - Christmas Program with Vivaldi Gloria; Rotterdam; 20:00

17/12: Ribattuta Musica - Messiah; Nicolaïkerk, Utrecht; afternoon (TBA)


Recent concerts:

01/10: Ensemble für Kenner und Liebhaber; De Cirkel, Heemskerk; 11:30

16/09: Collegium Vocale Zaandam; Bullekerk, Zaandam; 17:00

02/09: Utrecht Fringe - La Concordanza; Het Huis Utrecht, Koepelzaal; 14:00

01/09: Utrecht Fringe - Ensemble Röckel; KuuB, Utrecht; 11:00

29/08: Utrecht Fringe - La Poesia; De Regentes, Utrecht; 15:30 [viola da gamba]

26/08: Utrecht Fringe - Hieronymus; Pieterskerk, Utrecht; 11:00 [viola da gamba]

30/05: First Year Master Exam Viola da Gamba; Kees van Barenzaal, Koninklijk Conservatorium; 14:00

07/05: Cello Sonatas of Beethoven with Tullia Melandri; Museum Vlaardingen; 16:00

23/04: Chamber concert - If music be the food of love; Church of Our Saviour, Den Haag; 18:30 [viola da gamba]

19/04: Ensemble Röckel; Le Salon de La Haye; 20:00

31/03-09/04: Ribattuta Musica Johannes Passion Tour [viola da gamba]