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Eduardo Diez García

afbeelding van Eduardo Diez García

Wie ben ik?

Hello! I am Eduardo and I come from the north of Spain. I have played music since I can remember and chosen violin as my instrument. I've studied my bachelor of music in Oviedo with Alexei Michlin and in Tilburg I finished my master of music recently with the guidance of Chris Duindam, Jenny Spanoghe and Lei Wang.

I perform regularly with the Arthema Kwartet, so come see us sometime!

Since the start of my bachelor I already was looking for a nice violin to share my life with, and after trying more than a couple hundred of them none really convinced me (or my available funds). Then I applied to the NMF and came to find this amazing violin made by Capicchioni to realize that it was the one.

One of my favorite quotes, which I used as the title of my final master recital, is ''Aut viam inveniam aut faciam''. It means ''I shall either find a way or make one''. Well, now the NMF has given me a great help to make my own way in the vast world of music. 

See you around!