Mijn NMF


Damage to your instrument?

Report damage immediately!

In case your NMF-instrument is damaged, it is of the utmost importance that you contact the NMF immediately. You need to call our offices at 020-6221255, or you can contact our collection manager Frits Schutte directly at 06-53265194. In case you are not able to reach Frits, you send an in any case.

Draft a written statement

In all cases the NMF-musician must draft a written statement, describing clearly when, where and how the damage occurred. The NMF will decide where to take the instrument. The expert will draft a damage report. The NMF will inform the insurance company.

What to do in case of doubt?

You must always report every accident with the instrument. In many cases the damage is not visible at first glance, but sometimes it turns out later that something did indeed get damaged or shifted our of position. Damages that are not reported or are reported too late might not be covered by the insurance and therefore become the liability of the NMF-musician.

In case of theft, burglary or loss:

In case of a traffic accident, theft or loss, you are required to go to the police and request a formal report from them. If possible, make sure to include names and telephone numbers of possible witnesses. In this case you also need to contact the NMF as soon as possible.