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Travelling with an NMF-instrument


All NMF-instruments are globally covered by an all risk insurance in accordance with the insurance conditions as described in the appendix of the loan agreement. This does not alter the fact that you always have to consider the risks involved when you travel. An NMF-musician will always be responsible and liable for following and carrying out all the necessary administrative customs-procedures (seizure by authorities is not covered by insurance).

We also expect from you that you transport your instrument in a casing that is appropriate for the type of transport you choose. Some countries have special regulations for the (temporary) import of an instrument. It is important that you inform yourself of these aspects and that you act in accordance with these regulations.

Important aspects of travelling with your instrument:

Different weather-conditions

When travelling abroad, the climatic conditions can be very different from those in The Netherlands. For example, in the country of your destination the climate could be much colder or warmer, dryer of more humid, etc. Damages caused by these external factors are not covered by insurance and fall within you own responsibility.

Protected and prohibited materials

Since early 2015 the inspection on trade in protected animal and plant species has been tightened considerably. Once you leave the European Union you could get in trouble if your instrument or bow contains, for example, parts of ivory, turtle or whalebone, etc. Even the tiny ivory tip plate of the bow can lead to a seizure of the bow. Please contact the NMF as soon as possible before leaving the EU so we can inform you adequately. In some cases the NMF can take care of the replacement of for example an ivory tip plate. The United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand in particular are known for very strict controls.

For NMF musicians

Outside of the European Union:
NMF-musicians must always announce a trip outside of the European Union at least 14 days in advance and can only depart when the NMF has issued a written permission. However, we advise you to announce your trip to us even earlier than that, which gives us the opportunity to arrange for additional documents if needed. It is also possible that a particular part of your instrument of bow needs to be replaced in order to prevent problems. So the sooner you tell us of your travel plans, the better your chances of getting permission.

Within the European Union:
As long as you stay within the borders of the European Union, you can travel with your NMF-instruments without requesting permission. Don’t forget that Switzerland is not part of the European Union! Here you will find a list of all EU-members.

License protected cultural goods (SOV):
When an instrument is older than 50 years and represents a value of €50.000 or higher, it falls in the category of protected cultural heritage. The border authorities of all EU-members monitor the import and export of these cultural heritage goods. With such an instrument you may only leave or enter the EU if you are in possession of a 'Specifiek Open Vergunning' or SOV.  The NMF will provide you with this license when you receive your instrument on loan. The NMF will also take care of the timely renewal of the licenses, which have a validity of 5 years.In case of loss, please contact us immediately, so we can start the procedure for a renewal. The procedure can take more than a month.