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Maintaining your instrument


Duty of care

As an NMF-musician you have a duty of care towards the instrument you have on loan. We expect from you that in all circumstances (such as during use, transportation and storage of the instrument) you will exercise the greatest caution in order to prevent damage, theft or wear of the instrument. Consequently, you will be responsible for damages occurring as a result of not complying with the duty of care.

Annual maintenance check-up and re-evaluation

The NMF is very proud of its collection of more than 800 instruments, bows and accessories. Such an extensive collection creates an enormous responsibility. One of the most important aspects of managing the collection is the annual check-up and re-evaluation of each instrument, each bow and even each instrument-case or cover. By doing this with this frequency, we can prevent the instruments from sustaining damage by wear or external factors without noticing, and the musician can rest assured that the instrument is always in good condition. In addition, our insurer demands an annual re-evaluation of all items in order to maintain the global all risk coverage. And at the end of each year, the NMF receives an extensive audit from an accountant, who strictly monitors the careful completion of the annual maintenance check.

Maintenance report by NMF-musician

If you are an NMF-musician, the annual maintenance report will be made available to you on June 1st in your online “My NMF”-account, for each instrument or accessory you have on loan. The report indicates which expert should perform the check-up. You will then have plenty of time (until November 1st) to take action to arrange for the designated expert to perform his check-up and to return to us the completed maintenance report.

Due to the great importance of the check-up to the NMF, we need to be strict regarding its timely execution. So make sure you are on time! The consequence of a late check-up report is not only that you will be charged an administration fee (€25,- per week of delay), but it also means that you will be liable for damages occurred as a result of a late check-up. If this repeats itself, the NMF will likely seize your instrument.

Repairs and maintenance

If the expert recommends you to perform certain repairs, it is of the utmost importance that you notify the NMF and then let the instrument be repaired as soon as possible. You also need to take serious notice of the expert’s recommendations regarding maintenance of your instrument. Very often we receive maintenance reports, stating that the user of the instrument has not treated his instrument with sufficient care. It should go without saying that a recurrence of such a remark in the next maintenance report will lead to seizure of the instrument.

Expenses related to maintenance and repair

Most experts charge €30,- for the check-up, assessment and filling-out the form. This will be charged to the NMF. All repairs and other work related to daily use of the instrument will be charged to the musician. Other repairs usually are to be charged to the NMF.

Here you can find a list of the most common repairs and maintenance work concerning bow-instruments and bows:

With regard to pianos and grand pianos there is a different set of conditions. You can of course contact Geertje van der Linden or Frits Schutte if you have any questions whatsoever.